Staying Informed with Practices, Games, and School Activities

As parents/guardians it is often a difficult task to keep track of all the events that our children are active in.  Heart River co-op provides web access to the most current events and changes in our activities schedules through rSchoolToday scheduler.  It is also possible to receive automatic, up to date changes and information by signing up for the instant alert feature.  Here is how to do that:

1. Go to (You can also go to and click “calendars”).

2. Click on SPORTS

3. Click on NOTIFY ME!  Icon on the right side.

4. Choose the sports that you wish to be notified about (you may choose as many as you want) and click the CONTINUE BUTTON.

5. Check the practices schedules or any other events you want to be notified about and click the CONTINUE BUTTON.

6. You can then set up reminders for upcoming events and also if there are schedule changes.  Click the CONTINUE BUTTON.

7. Fill in the necessary information to receive either email notification or text message notification, or both.  Click the SAVE SETTINGS button and you will now receive all the information about upcoming events, practices, and activities.


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