October 10, 2018 Board Meeting



October 11, 2018


7:00 pm

 The meeting was called to order by Board Pres. Obrigewitch at 7:00 P.M.

Present:  Curt Buckman, Keith Buckman, Anthony Krebs, Dan Obrigewitch, Supt. Northrop, Bus. Mgr. Berger, Elem. Prin. Lorge, HS Prin. Kurle

Pledge of Allegiance.

M/S Krebs/K. Buckman to approve the September 13, 2018 regular meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S C Buckman/K Buckman to approve the agenda with addition of Explore America and Music Tour.  Motion carried unanimously.

Old business:  The board presented Edward Roller with a retirement plaque and gift for the 42 years he served as head custodian for the school.

The Explore America will be tabled until next month.

Rachelle Klein visited about the Music Tour scheduled for this summer.

Elem. Prin. Lorge reported on student activities.  She noted the Gifted and Talented Program is starting and the elementary teachers will be training on a behavior model.

HS Prin. Kurle reported on student activities and upcoming testing.  He noted the area Choir Fest is being held in Belfield this year.

Bus. Mgr. Berger presented the financial reports for September  2018.  She noted the Hot Lunch Program has a state review in November.

M/S Krebs/C Buckman to approve payment of the bills.  Motion carried unanimously.

Supt. Northrop discussed the NDSC School Security Services, the fire alarm system, and noted he hopes to have quotes from CTS group by the November meeting.

Reports were give for RESP and WRRS.

An interview had been completed for the science position, but the applicant declined the position.

Supt. Northrop discussed the Feasibility Study.

M/S Krebs/K Buckman to approve no-tuition agreements for the Iverson family to attend Belfield for 2018-19.

Motion carried unanimously.

M/S K Buckman/C Buckman to approve open enrollment for the Iverson family for 2019-2020.  Motion carried unanimously.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for November 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Alice Berger, Business Manager                                             Dan Obrigewitch, Board President

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