July 11 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes



JULY 11, 2019


The meeting was called to order by Board President Obrigewitch at 7:00 p.m

Present:  Keith Buckman (phone), Dan Obrigewitch, Terry Johnson, Supt. Kurle, Bus. Mgr. Alice Berger., HS Prin. Meier

M/S Johnson/Obrigewitch to approve the June 13, 2019 regular board meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Obrigewitch/Johnson to approve the June 17, 2019 special tax  meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Obrigewitch/Johnson to approve the agenda with addition of banking signatures.  Motion carried unanimously.

Keith Buckman phone call was concluded.

Reorganization of the board:

The board welcomed Danielle Jones as the newly elected board member and she turned in her Oath of Office.

Supt. Kurle called for nominations for the board president.  Johnson nominated Dan Obrigewitch as board president and Keith Buckman as board vice president, and made a motion to stop all nominations and cast a unanimous vote for them.  Motion carried unanimously.

Lance Hurt presented information on the water problem in the kitchen area, ideas how to fix them and noted there is an old welding hood in the supply room that should be shut off.

The CTS group presented their work resolution.  MS Johnson/Jones to approve the work resolution with CTS.  Roll call vote – motion carried unanimously.

The secondary principal noted registration will be August 8th, Ag textbooks have been ordered, and JH and HS will be using a detention referral form this year.

The business manager presented the financial reports for June 2019.

Supt. report:

  1. Small leak in 3rd Roer’s has been contacted.
  2. Football Bleachers installed this week. Should be completed by July 12.
  3. New School property sprayed for Leafy Spurge by Jesse Duckowitz –cost of $100.
  4. SEH contract is signed. Pursue Building Design Committee. Need board volunteers.
  5. 3rd floor done. I’d like to repaint entire 3-story next summer or over Christmas break.
  6. Attending the High Octane Technology Conference on July 23.
  7. Elem Resource, Kindergarten, Reading Strategist attended RESP sponsored Pathways to Reading workshop in June.
  8. Street Vacation update
    1. Zoning board recommends vacating street – meeting tonight.
  9. Business Manager update
    1. 3 applicants so far
  10. Hired Tamera Snapp for Dishwasher/ass’t. cook position
  11. Front of school landscaping ideas
  12. Purchase of property by football field: tax lien on some property sold by sellers unrelated to house property, once resolved, then we can close.
  13. Reminder: NDSBA Board Member Boot Camp – July 22.
  14. Gym floor waxing will be week of July 22.
  15. Registration is August 8 – 8 to 3 PM.
  16. Inservice/open house – August 15 – 8:30 to 3 PM

No committee meeting reports.

M/S C.Johnson/Jones to approve payment of the bills.  Motion carried unanimously.

Handbooks were handed out.  Approval will be at the August meeting.

All teacher contracts have been received.  M/S Jones/Johnson to approve all teacher contracts for 2019-20 school year (list attached).   Motion carried unanimously.

The 2019-20 class schedule was presented.  M/S Johnson/Jones to approve the 2019-20 class schedule.  Motion carried unanimously.

School meals costs were discussed.  M/S Jones/Johnson to approve a $.05 price raise of all student meals.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Pledge of Securities was presented.  M/S Johnson/Jones to approve the Pledge of Securities.  Motion carried unanimously.

The District Financial Report for 2018-19 was presented and discussed.  M/S K. Johnson/Jones to approve the District Financial Report for 2018-9.    Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Johnson/Jones to designate the official newspaper as the Billings County Pioneer.   Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Jones/Johnson to approve the Choice Financial Bank as the official depository.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Johnson/Jones to designate the Food Service Officer as the superintendent.   Motion carried unanimously.

M/S C. Johnson/Jones to designate the Food Service Hearing Officer as the board president.  Motion carried unanimously.

M/S C. Johnson/Jones to designate the superintendent as the official representative for the following federal programs:  Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, REAP  and Special Education.   Motion carried unanimously.

M/S Johnson/Jones to approve the 2019-2020 school board meeting schedule as the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.

M/S Jones/Johnson to remove Wade Northrop as a signature at Choice Financial bank for school accounts and the safety deposit box and to add Daren Kurle as a signature to all school accounts and the safety deposit box.  Motion carried unanimously.

The next  regular meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.