Wellness Policy

Belfield Public School Wellness Policy

There is a proven relationship between good nutrition and learning. Good nutrition and improved health aids student performance in all aspects of their learning process. Healthy eating patterns are necessary for students to achieve their full physical and mental growth. Good nutrition standards are available in the school each day during the school year and this will establish good eating habits, which will promote student health and tend to reduce childhood obesity. This will also establish lifelong eating habits that will improve longevity of life.

The Belfield promotes and supports the following wellness behaviors:

1. A healthy school should not be dependent on revenue from high-fat, high sugar, low nutrient foods to support school programs.

2. Nutrition education goals are integrated into the health education curricula and/or core curriculum.

3. School personnel are encouraged to be good nutritional role models.

4. Nutrition will be integrated into the classroom subjects as much as possible.

5. Provide a pleasant eating area for students and staff with adequate time for unhurried eating.

The physical activity component of the wellness policy is to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity and understand the short and long term benefits of a physically active lifestyle. The following are goals to be implemented to achieve this:

1. Students should have physical activity on most, if not all, days of the week. (This is sometimes difficult in the high school curriculum).

2. Elementary students shall have at least 100 minutes per week of physical activity.

3. There shall be additional integration of physical activity into the academic curriculum including interscholastic athletics, competitive sports and physical activity clubs.

The school foodservice program will work to share school menus through the school website, daily announcements and calendar with parent and students. Meals served through the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs will meet the following guidelines:

1. Operate the School Breakfast Program. Notify parents and students of the availability of the program.

2. Arrange bus schedules and utilize methods to serve school breakfast that encourage participation of students.

3. Encourage parents to provide a healthy breakfast for their children at home or school through newsletter articles, take-home materials and other means.

4. Beverages allowed in the food service area include water, 100% fruit juice and low fat or fat free milk.

5. Discourage the use of food as a reward or withholding of food as a punishment.

School personnel are encouraged to practice consistency of nutrition messages throughout the curriculum and school environment.

The Belfield Public School District highly values the health and well-being of every staff member and will plan and implement activities and policies that support personal efforts by staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Qualified professionals will administer the school meals and be employed as food service staff. Belfield District food service staff will be provided with continuing professional development opportunities in food meal preparation and nutrition as appropriate to their levels of responsibility

Policy adopted 08/09/2012